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Theft and Loss Management

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The loss of property through different types of theft has a major impact on the profits and budgets of all companies. More and more businesses are realising that profit comes from sales and managing losses or potential losses. There is no value in increasing sales if your profits are being wasted elsewhere.

Enigma will provide a complete survey for businesses to identify potential problems in this area. Experienced staff will then develop written proposals to reduce these losses. Enigma will provide staff and equipment at short notice to help implement these proposals.


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Enigma provides investigation services designed to assist with the investigation of incidents on commercial premises. We are experienced in dealing with the complicated and confidential enquiry needs of Commerce and Industry. Police Services throughout the Country are stretched and often companies do not get the service they expect. We are not a replacement for the police but aim to work alongside them and provide them with assistance to identify people who commit offences. Our investigators will produce a comprehensive written report which will be presented to clients when the investigation is complete.

Enigma's investigators with over 30 years police service are experienced in undertaking disciplinary interviews and will provide comprehensive written recommendations of any disciplinary matters.

Access Control

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keypadAccess control provides security giving flexible control over whom is allowed to enter a building and when. Following a comprehensive assessment, a system will be designed to keep your buildings, staff and assets secure. From one door to multiple entrances across several sites, there is a solution to suit your needs. Enigma employs experienced staff who will identify and install solutions ideal for your organisation.

Asset Tracking

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Enigma is able to monitor, track and locate high value assets for clients utilising the latest technology on the market. If monitored items are stolen, Enigma will direct the police to their location and then arrange recovery, ensuring that the client does not suffer any additional loss.

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Lone Worker Protection

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loneworkerRecent changes to UK legislation increase the responsibility of companies to protect their employees in their daily work. Many organisations need their staff to spend extended periods isolated from their work colleagues and with limited peer group contact. This relates to staff such as an Engineer or Driver working within the organisations own premises or in the field.

Lone worker protection systems are a proven and affordable means to provide staff with additional protection and significant peace of mind.

Each individual carries a small device which can be easily operated, for example hanging from a lanyard or attached to a belt clip. If activated, the device will open an immediate channel of communication with assistance while at the same time providing the individual's location. This will materially increase the prospects of a more positive outcome to the situation.

We fully comply with the ACPO recommendations for this service.

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