As property caretaker/security supervisor for Pinnacle House, throughout the past 20 years I have witnessed many changes. The biggest change of all would be when the building was threatened with liquidation and would not hold any company or services so the building would become derelict, until I was asked by the building owners to help maintain the building with one of the clients who occupied the building, Windsor Stebbing Marsh LLP Limited so for the next six years between Gina Francis (an employee of Windsor Stebbing Marsh LLP Limited) and myself we helped keep all the services at Pinnacle House and maintained a smooth day to day running of the building.

We have an array of clients to and from the building on a daily basis.

As part of my role at Pinnacle House, I find it essential to greet each and every one with a warm and friendly smile, I also make sure all their needs are met.

It is with thanks to Helder Marques at Enigma Operations that the last ten years has run smoothly.

At present, we have yet again received new goals and new achievements as pinnace house has been sold to new owners who again have asked Enigma and myself to carry on with the contract and welcome the new faces of different services at the building.

The Ups and Downs of Pinnace House

On a normal day at Pinnacle House I was on duty at reception, when a fragile little old lady walked into the reception entrance and informed me that her ''Thomas'' had been missing for five days, with the building being blue in colour, a short distance from the local police station and me dressed in a very smart officer looking uniform she mistook me for a police officer and thought she was in the local police station. I then realized after much confusion that the lady in questions cat was missing this became clear when she had informed me she had put his picture and name on all the lamp posts around the local area, but as they say ''it's all in a day's work'', as a kind gesture I helped the lady and escorted her to the local police station where hopefully help was acquired.

In six months' time major building works will be underway as the whole building is being completely refurbished and modernised, so I will be on duty at reception sporting a hard hat, high visibility vest and steel toe cap boots.

Enigma would like to congratulate Colin on his continued 20 years' service. His hard work and dedication to the role deserve the utmost recognition and Enigma hopes he will continue on in the same manner for the next 20 years as well!